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ZEEVSTAR Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 11 is a special day and what makes it even more special is that this year Mother’s Day turns 100. So let’s go out there and bring a big smile on every mother’s face. Here is our special gift guide for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!   Mothers Day Gift Guide

How To Have Fun With Coral Trend

It’s that time of the year when you want to go all out with pop of colors and one of them being CORAL. It is one of the hautest hue this summer.

A breezy shade of coral is what can take the scorching temperature down on a sunny day. Pick this shade for your wardrobe, whether in a big or subtle way, for a cooler you! After all it is one of the most sought-after shade this season. The shade instantly adds life to a boring dull look. It’s like a visual treat on a warm sunny day.

If you think wearing a coral top is too much, then you can always go for coral hints like accessories, scarfs or shoes.The fun part of the color is that it not only contrasts well with lighter shades but also looks spectacular if paired with darker, deeper hues.

Here we have a fun coral inspiration for you. Cheers!


An Ode to Monochrome!

Classic and elegant are the two words best reflected in the combination of black-and-white!

There is something ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it that never seems to be out of our mind (and heart). Guess that’s why our favorite designers always bring them back one fashion week after another.

So here’s to the ever-beautiful and elegant fashion trend – Monochrome. We heart you.  A lot! mono