Hottest trend of the season- Bohemian spirit is about being a dreamer and expression of freedom in Fashion”.


It is an expression of individuality and connects you with your cultural background. Boho-chic is being a fun, free spirited woman who embraces her unconventional and unique fashion taste.


Bohemian style has all the funky elements and the exotic zing of fashion – creating a rich cocktail of casual, hippie 70s style and ethnic along with vintage.


It is effortless, cool & hip trend with a touch of femininity in a rugged way.

Some tips to go the BOHO-way:

1.  Be individualistic – This is the key to achieve the boho look. Take inspiration and choose the pieces that appeal you to create your own look instead of following blindly.


2.   Accessories: Chunk neck pieces, dramatic headgear, armlets, bangles, totes, slippers. Keep it casually loaded.


3.  Mix and Match: Try to experiment with your look instead of keeping it all safe. Use different hues, choker necklace and patches to funk it up.


Let us take a look at some of the celebrities who have taken a fresh twist on the bohemian style.


So, let your inner spirit loose this season and look beautiful without any boundation.

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